• You are Never Alone...

    All journeys outward ultimately lead lead to the journey inward... do not be afraid to look within.

  • The Need for Spiritual Recovery is

    Ever-Increasingly Present...

    Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.” - Brené Brown

    Let our Lotus Rise!

    our true nature lies within...

    Are you experiencing any or all of these symptoms of Dis-ease?

    Separation of Oneness, a lack of Spirituality, fear, loneliness, helplessness, and Addiction? According to the Spiritual Model, a disconnection from a spiritual roots causes a failure to live in harmony with the universal laws or principles. Recovery involves reestablishing this spiritual connection by moving beyond the physicality of our addictions, behaviors, values, and relationships and finding our true authentic selves rising out from under the mud like does the beautiful lotus. I believe by establishing a strong spiritual practice and developing the tools to balance mind, body, and spirit, you will soon witness the symptoms of Dis-ease fall away.


    Issues Live In Our Tissues

    Healing through Practice

    The Trauma we experience in our lives lives within the issues of our tissues. Emotions WANT to move through the body. Most addictive behaviors (anything used to escape an intolerable reality is something that could lead to or form an addiction) are responses to unresolved trauma. Through the practices and attitudes, we can let go of negative beliefs and are grounded in a physical and somatic way in our inherent wholeness. I plan to introduce to you what I found most useful in my trainings and practices...


    -Meditation Practices

    -12 Step Yoga

    -12 Steps through the Chakra System

    -Strong Back Soft Front

    -Kundalini Yoga practices



    Time to Love the Skin We're In

    Discover the Beauty within and it will reflect outward...

    Personally, I am a believer that we are spirits having a human experience. This is exciting to me because I feel we must in some way be responsible for choosing the body we reside in, be it illusion or not. That said, the way we talk to ourselves, overwork our systems, reflects how we view ourselves as a whole. I also embrace the idea of reversing the direction we look at ourselves... starting from the inside out, rather than the outside in. It is much easier to accept a perceived flaw when you reveal and heal the story behind it. We may come to find that what we once thought were our worst attributes or our greatest weaknesses can become our greatest strengths and features. I will introduce you to Louise Hay's teachings on how to "Heal your Body" by changing your ideas about your ailments and to positively influence the way you look at your body and how you see others.

    Magical Thoughts...

    Something to think about

    Law Of Attraction, Manifesting Greatness, and Redefining Magic....Our thoughts can limit us or lead us to manifest Greatness! It is up to us to change the way we look at things and wallah! the things we look at change... I have a number of tools that I can't wait to share with you that will jumpstart your days... Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude... It tops the lists, and there are many ways to express it, but there is much more so be prepared to get creative!

    Quieting the mind

    what if I can't do the practice?

    We are our own worst critics! It wasn't easy for me at first and it is never easy when you have been working your nervous system in overdrive for some time... it takes a short time of gentle training to get to a sweet spot, but it doesn't take long and before you know it, taking a deep breath, experiencing a still mind, and feeling a gentle heart will find you and you will know you have developed your very own practice.  

    Bring on the Business

    With progress, brings purpose...

    I used to believe Money was evil and I wasn't entitled to any of it anyhow. I have learned since how to embrace the gifts of monetary exchange for both giver and receiver. I also know it would be a shame to waste the gifts I have and not pursue my dreams of being a successful entrepreneur and encourage others to do the same! In my program I share what I have learned on how to bring forth your God-Given talents and share them with the world if you haven't already! I believe we should be each others biggest supporters in the discovery of our passion and purpose and bringing it into fruition.   

    Important information.

    please note...

    The materials presented in this website are meant to be self-help treatment modality and is not meant to replace a clinical diagnosis, clinical assessment, psychotherapy, medical care or psychiatric treatment. The 90 Day program offered is also not to be confused with any treatment facility program offered.

  • Who is your Guide?

    Join a Tribe of beautiful Spirits!

    Leah Sarki- Spiritual Coach/Guide

    I am but a fellow traveler whom can show you a worn and trusted path....

    Hello, I am so looking forward to guiding you through a Transformation that will help heal and prepare you for the best moments of your life beginning with the most important one which is NOW. I am a Meditation and Kundalini Yoga enthusiast (anxious for my Kundalini teacher training this September in India), a Y12 certified yoga leader, Reiki Master, a Student in the Course of Miracles, and a Grad student at the Metaphysical Institute of Humanistic Science. What has given me access to the darkest of my shadow self and helped me paradoxically see my light, is my years of addiction, trauma, and self-loathing. I have to argue, coming out the other side of the deepest kinds of darkness, qualifies a person unlike anything else can...but I have also found it to be true that all those experiencing spiritual bankruptcy can relate regardless as to what brought you there...

    My aim is at helping those who dare to tiptoe if they must at first, then dive into the realm of their spirituality in order to find their life purpose and give meaning to their existence... why else are we here right? Now, I don't claim to give you those answers myself, but I can help guide you, with the right tools, to find your own answers, using what has worked for me and many of my Tribemate's along in their own journey to becoming more self-actualized, self-aware, and find sheer blissfulness and gratitude to just be alive in the world today. If that sounds like it's near-impossible then, challenge accepted... Sign-up and let's get started. ;)

    Spiritual Roots and the Tree of Life

    Nature is our Teacher...

    If you look at yourself as a beautiful tree, Spirituality is like the roots of your tree, if you don't have strong roots to keep you firmly planted, you go through life trying to fill the holes with superficial things like food, sex, money, drugs, power., etc. Once you establish those roots, you must then water them regularly for the tree to thrive....Your Higher Power (whatever that is for you) is your Water supply...be careful not to focus too much on the leaves when watering your tree.  

  • The 90 Day Lotus Rising Program

    Jump-Start your Spiritual journey to Recovery...

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